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Welcome to Clayton Hill Neo's












Dooley & Dad(Our) Neo History :  While Neo's have been around for centuries (Roman Guard Dogs), we haven't had them here at Clayton Hill nearly that long. We stumbled on the breed quite by accident. We were out for a drive, and decided to 'check them out' - 4 hours later (it REALLY didn't look THAT far on the map) I fell in love... and we've been hooked ever since.   And that's how Clayton Hill Neo's was born.











ClaytonHills 'Onyx' & Owner/Handler Cody at their first showO ur Breeding Mission:Due to the Neo's size and innate guarding characteristics (and the fact that we have 4 young children), our goal in breeding is two-fold: temperament and appearance (health goes without saying - ask any breeder). What more can I tell you ... I love the breed, want to do what I can to promote Neo's and educate people, - and I love puppies.  But ...we are not show dog folks.  While I believe our pups certainly have show dog potential (as evidenced by the photo at right, ClaytonHills Mt Olympus), I don't presume to know enough about that area of dog ownership (not enough time right now).  So, when we pick our Neo's for breeding, we are choosing dogs that please us (their looks) and have a great temperament.